Boosting the web traffic is for sure among the most vital aspect of website promotion. Noticeably, there exist many choices on the internet today for making huge traffic, one of which is via very strong social media; however, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still carries its own importance for generating quality traffic.

All the top websites have, getting a large number of visitors viewing their website their top priority. But the key lies not in keeping the immense traffic on the website, but in promoting the website to new visitors and tempting the already visited traffic to come back by promoting their websites. For fulfilling that task, such plugins become useful. These plugins are most effective for attracting new visitors and making old visitors come again.


Sharebar is considered to be one of the best choices as a plugin for websites wanting more traffic. It makes social networking sites very easy to approach and does not give the problem of looking for social sites on the page. It provides a vertical box to the left side of every post that consists of various links or buttons to various popular social sites. It provides convenience in two ways. Firstly, the box can be customized in a way that everyone can add his/her own various favorite social sites, and secondly, the box is usually on the left side if it's a wider page, but if the page size is below 1000px a vertical bar appears instead to offer convenience to the readers. The buttons are usually larger on the vertical box and smaller on the horizontal one. Another convenience it gives is that the box rolls up and down as the readers scroll up and down the page to rid the viewers of the trouble of browsing the page to look for buttons. It makes the website come into recognition because when the readers share a certain blog post more and more people are attracted to it and if they like the blog post they would definitely follow the blogger on other social sites also which would mean they would view into the website again.

Tweet Old Post

For people that are in the social marketing, and would like to get more and more traffic and recognition, but are worried about the fact that their old posts and pages have been neglected while they think that they should have gotten a much better result, should use Tweet old post plugin. It works wonders for people who are social media users and spend most time of their day doing so. It has various features that only make it easy for a social media user to get his/her old posts and page back into attention and hence increase the number of followers and viewers for their websites. It saves one from the trouble of going through old posts and tweeting them one after another, as it does that job automatically after a few intervals of time. It also gives the opportunity to add text, shorten the URL, add various links to older posts, delete or remove the post that is not desired to be tweeted again and lets one determine the time intervals for posts to be tweeted as well as the number of posts tweeted every day. So by just a little work, it gives you chances of getting more attention for your posts and pages, in turn giving you a growing number of followers and viewers with the ease of sitting at home or even sleeping by retweeting the old forgotten posts during various allotted intervals of time on its own.

Facebook Social Plugin

Almost every website or blog has the Facebook plugin. It is the most efficient way of increasing traffic as it is the most popular social networking site. A lot of viewers and readers can be easily attracted to websites and blogs as a very large number of people use Facebook every day. It provides a square containing the total number of people liking or following a certain page or post, which attracts the viewer's attention. It also shows the names and profile pictures of people who have liked or followed a certain page or post. Moreover, it provides a 'Like' button just below the name of the page or blog so that the viewers can like or follow conveniently without having to be directed away from the page, which in turn keeps increasing the number of viewers without letting the viewers go through much trouble of being directed from one page to another.

Pop Up Domination

Used and trusted by some of the most famous bloggers and, people in internet marketing Pop Up Domination is the best choice for getting increased traffic on websites. For new bloggers and people new in internet marketing, the greatest way to earn money and get their business up and going is by having a long list and this plugin is made to take care of that problem. It is proven to increase the number of subscribers by 429%. It converts viewers into buyers by opening up a popup box in front of a new visitor, helps make a huge list, and promotes business by even contacting various pages and making different offers so that they may also be interested in the person's business. This might be the only plugin that has to be bought. The product costs $47 dollars, which is not much and it also already has 8000 happy customers, satisfied with its performance. Along with that, it also comes with a money-back offer which can be availed within 60 days if satisfaction is not achieved by using this product.

Show Top Commenters

It works by ranking the people who comment the most on a particular blog or site, with their names along with the number of comments on the left side of the page in a sidebar, and encourages them to keep commenting more to be on the top and be recognized. Sometimes, it also contains the link to the person's website, but only if they enter any. It can work both ways, by having top comments there is a chance of growing interaction with the readers, which will boost the post's popularity and would tempt the commenters to keep coming back and comment more. As a result of that, the post would look give a better look to the new viewers. By being in the top commenters, the top commenters' website can also be promoted, the already commenting audience would be interested in the top commenters' websites and the new audience would be affected the same way.

Post to Twitter

Whenever a new content or post is put on WordPress, it displays it automatically on Twitter as well. This only works for Twitter because it is the app used most for updating posts every day. In order to post something on to Facebook from WordPress, it would have to be done manually because Facebook detects and displays the source used for the post. This would only result in decreasing the number of followers if they see that a source was used to put the post up.

Facebook Comments for WordPress

For people looking for plugins that increase the traffic, Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin is a must-have. It works well for Facebook as well as WordPress. The best advantage that it gives is that the viewers after commenting can share the comment to their profile page or timeline on Facebook, by simply clicking on 'post comment to my Facebook Profile'. Due to this, the particular website is then shared with a large number of people viewing that particular person's page, and that website gets a whole new bunch of audience. In this way, the website reaches the audience, that it couldn't before which ensures more trafficking.

All in One SEO Pack

For WordPress, this is one of the most famous plugins for SEO. It's very easy to operate and use and automatically produces META tags and optimizes the titles for search engines and is best suited to work with most of the plugins of WordPress. It is extremely popular with a large number of people because it has already been downloaded over 9 million times and is still becoming more renowned. It doesn't require having extensive and deep knowledge about the plugin in order to be operated and yield good results. It's very easy to use so it usually works with no troublesome effort at all. It also works best with Google and can work wonders for people having a tough time operating and understanding Google.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the most convenient plugins for people having websites promotion through SEOs. It gives a preview of how the post will appear on Google, and if not satisfied, it provides a chance to change the title and the description of the link to make the website link more interesting and make viewers want to click on the website. All of this can be done from the post-editing page with ease and additions can be made wherever necessary.