In the very beginning, the main purpose of WordPress was to alter and fix the layout and design of any written content and the team behind this whole idea consisted of just a few people. People initially did use WordPress for this basic purpose without realizing all the opportunities it withheld in the field of writing. However, it took it no time to emerge as one of the largest “self-hosted” blogging software globally. Most of the websites had taken up WordPress which was used by millions of bloggers or writers on daily basis. The best part is that more than its basic use, its commercial use was readily accepted and people felt free to use it in whatever way they desired. So for any writer, it was his writing heaven where he was not subjected to any license fee or any other tax and it proved to be a revolutionary idea for other writing software as well. Hence, with time and much development in technology, WordPress became a favorite of millions across the world and is currently the most adopted software.

Though most of the top bloggers are associated with WordPress since it has kept its blogging aspect intact and up to date; however, a greater cream in the market also loves its full content management system. Anyone with WordPress can add or adjust the format of his written content and make it look more presentable. So no more is WordPress just a blogging website for it has become a full functioning system for content writers. What the website basically offers is what makes it unique. Many bloggers are directly or indirectly associated with WordPress. Their blogs might be directly hosted by WordPress and there are many different blogging hosts available for their blogs. So WordPress acts as the host of many successful bloggers that want to escape the problem of licenses. With many awards up its sleeves and massive traffic, is essentially the hub of content writers.

Themes are used by writers to change the look or appearance of their files. There are many templates available but also there are completely customizable files that one can use according to personal taste. Themes don’t affect the content but just change the outer look of the whole document to make it more appealing than others. With thousands of themes available, they all can be downloaded from the WordPress website. Plugins are like an add-on to one’s website. They allow you to use many different functions and software that connect the user’s website to the world; e.g. Buddy press and Tumblr importer. Many plugins usually connect one’s website to a social site and this improves the efficiency and technicality of the websites. These are just a few features, other than these, search engines and tagging of posts in articles is also possible. All in all, WordPress is the heaven of writers of this millennium and it has become essentially important in this developing era to make use of such technology. As per research, almost 22% of all websites make use of WordPress and where there may be multiple users and multiple bloggers as per convenience.

With the convenience of writing at hand, WordPress is being thoroughly used by people across the globe; however, it doesn’t end at our computer screens or safari apps. Today with high technology, people can almost anything they want and what is most demanded is convenience. Convenience in this sense would be making one’s website reachable by others in order to get maximum traffic. There are a lot of approaches to this idea like advertising, entering a blogging loop, and getting help from professionals. Yet, the edge of being a WordPress user basically kicks in here when one gets the comfort of showcasing his blog to thousands through a mobile website. Since the world is revolving around this small handy device called the cellphone, one must reach out to the people through it. The perks of living in the modern era don’t just end here.

One doesn’t need to be a geek or a professional in the field of IT in order to change their blog into a mobile website; others already have solutions waiting for us. Like many other plugins available for the documents one edits or formats using WordPress, many other plugins simply work to change one’s blog into an application. So this means that this isn’t much of a task that a writer should be scared of. But a writer should fully understand the advantages of doing so. More traffic would lead to more popularity, essentially what every blogger wants. The mobile app would make it easier for the writer to update stuff because other ways are just too tiring and even old school. So a mobile app would even up the gap between the blogger and visited and each new visit would be notified to the blogger with ease. With basic formatting templates and color schemes, anyone can make their blog unique. Here are a few plugins one may use while converting their blog into a mobile app.


IdeaPress initially gives you an application in less than 5 minutes in counting if you have a successful blog running. At a reasonable price of $69, IdeaPress provides users an easy app-building plugin that operates entirely on its own so no coding or any prior app-building information is not required by the blogger. Once he installs the plugin, the app building process will automatically start and one can edit the app on the way. Basic colors and home page format can be rendered according to your choice, other options like pages and updating categories can also be changed. A slide-out menu also adds to the technical beauty of the app and a back button just completes the whole application. Many satisfied bloggers have recommended IdeaPress.


Another successful plugin in line is Uppsite. With ready-to-use and easy configuration options, almost as easy as a wizard, WordPress users highly recommend it. Anyone who has a blog affiliated with WordPress can easily get their app built through Uppsite. This app makes sure that no fraud takes place hence, even for trial basis use, it requires a blogger to forward his payments details but reassured they are not dealt with until agreed by the blogger. Uppsite has promising outcomes and its premium provides a modern HTML5 application, the best of its kind but it can’t be previewed on its trial application. Uppsite is completely associated with WordPress Admin Interface.


Mobiloud provides a blogger or non-IT professional with an amazing app-building experience. Like any other plugin, once initiated, Mobiloud will build the app on its own and the blogger can modify a few specs on its way. Other detailed modifications such as adding items to the menus and allowing push notification and changing the homepage can be altered at any point. The best part about Mobiloud is that its preview is the most realistic than others as its “live” app preview runs smoothly except for handling audio files but once the real app starts working even they are catered, too. It doesn’t provide an HTML5 app however, the smooth running and best facilities of the app make it a fairly good choice at $960 per year, making it the most expensive app builder but it has its own perks. Good reviews have been received from a blogger who has used it and with its own operating website, queries related to Mobiloud are answered very easily. Its add-on features and multiple modifications absolutely no bugs reported justifying its high price in the market and why people are still buying it at almost a thousand dollars per year.


The name Wiziapp seems very cute but its wonders are beyond its cuteness. There is in fact no amount of cuteness in this app because it’s a very professional application and starts working as soon as someone installs the plugin into their WordPress website. It may take up to several minutes depending upon the size of the blogger’s website in generating the application but the outcome is an HTML5 application it starts running as soon as it is created and is available for all android and iOS platforms. It has a basic value of $199 but if you want the application to be available for iPads as well then it would cost around $299 per year. This application favors iOS users more and there are no hidden premium charges or features. The HTML5 app is available on the basic payment itself.

How to select the App?

With so many options in hand, it becomes difficult to decide what a person should go for. Although everyone would like the best for their website, however, it is reasonable to prioritize one’s demands. According to which a person should look over the following factors:

  • Cost: a blogger may get a website for as cheap as $70 to as expensive as $1000. There is a reason why there is such a huge difference between the prices. One should look over the specifications provided by each plugin in order to attain the best results.
  • Comparative reviews: reviews are a great source of information. One can sit down and spare a few moments to read up reviews of the plugin he or she is considering buying for their website. This will give them a better outlook on what exactly they are going for. Many reviews highlight problems; hence this would be a realistic approach.
  • The preview itself provides a lot of information to bloggers as per the efficiency of the application they are going for. Though previews don’t actually give a complete outlook of the original application, it is good enough to judge the efficiency or quality of the company. A better preview would mean more effort put in by a good plugin firm. Inspect items completely.

One should clearly take the leap and make use of modern technology. It is time to move from the computer's screens to the LCD’s one has in his hand as it is easier and more convenient at both users ends.