The internet is rich with a large number of resources this is due to the high number of blogs and websites created and published every day. With blogs and website providing content and information of marketing, education, recreation, travel, fitness, health etc. This is due to the diversity of readers, visitors and users of the internet. On top of this, the field of blogging is very wide and has no restrictions at all, however there are certain standards and limitations that every blogger or blog owner has to adhere to.

However, blogging itself comes with its own challenges. Of cos you will be having ideas and several contents that you will be sharing with your readers from all over the world, but if your blogging platform is not well equipped and stable enough, you will not be able to reach out to your desired audience. Most people call these platforms - the CMS(s) or content management systems. And most of them be it the amateur or expert and experienced bloggers find WordPress the most reliable and credible blogging platform that can help a blogger reach the appropriate audience.

There are many benefits of WordPress blog hosting. Today, am going to elaborate on 5 of the benefits or rather features the hosting for WordPress has over other blogging platforms.

  1. No stress over Traffic Loads

One of the problem most bloggers face when they opt to host their blogs on their own is the lack or poor management of higher traffic loads. Like in a business, at the beginning the number of customers is utterly minimal but as the business starts to grow and gain customer attention, the number of customers will increase drastically hence there will be need to accommodate this growth.

The same applies to blogging and blogs. As a blog gains popularity, the number of traffic to the website will increase drastically. And there will be need to counter this increase in traffic. In order to enable the blog to handle this high traffic. This is very easy when using WordPress hosting services. You will just have to pay a little fee for you to upgrade your hosting service.

  1. No need for any web hosting knowledge.

First of all WordPress Hosting is very simple and easy to use. Its features are so explanatory that any Tom, Dick and Harry can use the service. Armature are able to enjoy the WordPress hosting services without worrying how web design or even HTML and CSS work.

The best part is that WordPress does not only accommodate non-coders but also the coders as well. For those coding gurus who find it necessary to be able to inspect and modify their blogs’ source code before publishing, WordPress offers you an HTML version of your blog post.

  1. Cheap but still very powerful

This is basically the key benefit of WordPress blog hosting. You do not have to pay a lot of money for hosting services. WordPress blog hosting offers you a platform where your blog is fully secure and most of all completely managed. All at a reasonable price.

On top of that, it offers bloggers numerous widgets and a wide range of themes that they can apply to improve their site’s appearance. With additional in born features and a smooth editor for optimizing posts, WordPress is every blogger’s platform of choice.

  1. WordPress Blog hosting is safe and sound

WordPress hosts offers automatic security as a key feature of their services. So, what does this mean to you as a blog owner? Basically, this means that you will not be requires to directly install security plugin or software to enhance your blog’s security. You will also not have the worry of any vulnerabilities in your blog’s security or need to upgrade any security policies and measures.

All these are seamlessly done by the managed WordPress hosting. This means you will not be required to code or configure any validation, all you will do is provide usernames and passwords as WordPress does all the complex details.

Basically, WordPress blog hosting is one of the most secure hosting services as the platform itself is integrated into the whole hosting environment. On the internet to today, the greatest concern is security. This is because of the rise of cyber and malware attacks. These are not things that ypu can manage on your own especially when you have no idea of what they entail. So, that is where the automated security system of the managed WordPress hosting comes in handy.

  1. The Best Anti-spam filter.

WordPress offers you a complete package, everything you need is all there for installation. One best thing about the content management system is its additional security features that helps increase your blog or sites security against spam and unwanted comments. This will keep your blog safe from anyone who is trying to hack into your system or violate you website’s security policies.

The most beneficial feature of WordPress blog hosting is that it secures your blog from SQL injection. What does this mean? This is where some internet users post URLs with the aim of maximizing your blog to find faults and vulnerabilities. In this way they will get access to you admin or login into other users account and mess up your whole work.


These are some of the major reasons why you should choose WordPress blog hosting over other platforms. This hosting is managed meaning all you have to do is write contents and post, the rest of the complex tasks are done for you. And the best part it is affordable to both the armature and expert bloggers. On top of that, WordPress is very user friendly and easy to install – can be used by both coders and non-coders. You are also provided with web themes and most of its websites are responsive – can be access on mobiles and desktops. The most admirable feature is that this CMS platform automatically updates itself and its plugins – meaning you will not worry about missing any new features and configurations.