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5 Benefits of WordPress Blog Hosting

The internet is rich with a large number of resources this is due to the high number of blogs and websites created and published every day. With blogs and websites providing content and information on marketing, education, recreation, travel, fitness, health, etc. This is due to the diversity of readers, visitors, and users of the […]

What is Category? A Complete Guide to WP...

A WordPress category is a pre-defined taxonomy in WordPress. Categories are used in sorting out and grouping WordPress content into different sections. You can use categories to define sections of your website posts or contents. For instance, a recipe website can have categories for articles filed under breakfast foods, supper, lunch, drinks, and so on. […]

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2017

With time, WordPress is advancing and becoming even more popular among its users. The wordpress experts are continuously developing new varieties and features of wordpress plugins to suit the needs of the users on their websites. With the constantly changing technology, wordpress offers some of the ‘must have’ plugins to help its users in almost […]