While browsing through the pages of the web, we usually come across several sites and article sections that are good to read. It’s a general tendency that every site owner wants to show the best content the site has on offer. The reason is, good content attracts many views and reads and this increases the page views and count of the site eventually. With WordPress, it comes an option to get a good plugin that shows your most popular posts.

WordPress is a platform that can be used for amazing things, and writing and displaying your work is the top one. WordPress has given many new writers a chance to display their work in style and substance and has helped them to reach a wider number of audiences over the internet. With more and more people relying on the internet to read and write WordPress has opened the doors to several writers, new and experienced alike to their work. Like every writer aspires, the post which reaches the audience is the one that gets recognized. To help keep the post in the audience's eye and to keep them on display to gain more popularity over time, there are some plugins that help you in the process. Here, we will show you the 5 of the best plugins you can use to make the most of comments in WordPress.

WordPress Popular Posts

The most popular and the most used of all the plugins is the WordPress popular posts. When it comes to making use of the comments, there’s no other plugin quite like it. The popularity of the plugin can be calculated by the number of times it’s been downloaded from the WordPress repository. The number being in the north of 800 thousand times. This clearly shows how much popular this particular plugin is when it comes to showing off the comments. This plugin comes with a widget post that allows you to add different areas at your site that can be further managed by the widgets, making the process quite easy and beneficial for you.

The widget comes with several options that allow you to make all the necessary changes for the most use of the comments. It allows you to make the necessary changes in the display of your posts that are most viewed over the blog. This helps you to arrange the post according to your liking and it lets you place them under the tags of post type, author, categories, etc. once the post gets under the tag, it becomes very easy for the visitor to view a certain post he/she liked. The said post then can be read back again after locating it quite easily under the tags. It also lets you show your post under a thumbnail in which you can also select the thumbnail size to display. It also allows you to show the post according to the day, week, month, or time. This further makes it very easy for the visitor to locate the post as it can be located directly by scrolling the pages according to the day or weeks or months. The WordPress popular post has all these options under the belt that makes you display your favorite posts and the most popular ones with the breeze.

To activate the plugin, and view the status of your post, you need to go to the plugin settings, which are located under the Settings tab, and then you have to select WordPress popular posts. This activates the plugin and then it can be used. Further help on the process can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions and advance options that are in the tools clickable tab.

Pros Of WordPress Popular Posts

This is a very useful and powerful plugin that makes you use the best of the comments. It’s quite the best option when it comes to the display of your most viewed posts on WordPress. It comes with the support for the custom posts and the widget tools allow you to create views in accordance with the posts, for example, the posts that are popular and the reviews that are getting raves, etc.

Cons of WordPress Popular Posts

The plugin in the process creates an additional table in the blog that makes it store the cache and the data. This by default comes under the WordPress tables and some people have an argument over it in terms of keeping the data that the blog has out of the table. Further, the default list that is generated lacks the style statement and you have to add and make a custom setting for the changes in styling to make it look attractive.

Popular Posts Top Ten Plugin For WordPress

The second best plugin is the popular post top ten plugins for WordPress. It’s the second-best plugin when it comes to making the most of the comments on WordPress. The features that are on offer make your post popular and comments inviting over the WordPress, it matches the WordPress other plugins. To add up more, it offers all the features plus some more additional ones to make it a very usable and easy to operate plugin that you can add up in your sidebar at the WordPress to show your most popular posts.

It doesn’t work exactly as its name suggests and in actual it makes you show any number of writings and posts on the blogs. People think that as the name goes it may allow you to display only the ten of the best posts, but it’s not quite like that. You can make an account on the data and then select a range and then post views, the name of the author, and an excerpt to show your posts. The post is displayed under the thumbnail. Unlike the other WordPress plugins that allow you to select the post type before posting it from the settings the widget has on offer, this allows you to post by going under the settings page located at this.

Once on the setting page, you will find many options to choose from that lets you display your posts. You can further calibrate the plugin in accordance with your posts. The settings page has four sections that have four options namely, Global, Output, Custom, and CSS. Apart from this, you can select the categories in which you want to display the posts with the size of the content along with the thumbnail.

Pros of Popular Posts top ten Plugin for WordPress

The Top 10 Popular Posts Plugin for WordPress is the most simple and easiest plugin you can lay your hands on in WordPress. It lets you display your activities on the blogs and on your website along with the aggressive caching technique to put the load off your server.

Cons of Popular Posts top ten Plugin for WordPress

The only con is the lack of ability to select a custom post in the widget so that the user is allowed to create a different set of posts that are popular amongst the content of the website.

nrelate Most Popular Plugin

nrelate popular plugin is the plugin in WordPress that allows you to index and display the content that is popular over the website. The plugin uses nrelate serve to pick the most popular post and then it displays it over. Unlike the other servers that use your server resources to store and later display the data of the most popular posts, the nrelate most popular plugin uses its own servers to display your data. This allows you to eliminate the slowing down of your website as the plugin uses a different server.

This plugin also comes with a rich option list that is both efficient and feature brimmed. The options let you display the most liked posts on the website in a rich way. The plugin supports the thumbnail, time ranges, excerpts and post type, etc to further display the posts in a good way. The plugin also lets you filter out the content on the blog that you want to display out on the website. Once you get the plugin, it takes close to a few hours to index your blog fully and display the popular posts.

What makes nrelate most popular is the template that it has on offer that lets you choose. While most of the plugins offer only the widgets, tags of the template, and the shortcodes, the nrelate has an option that directly shows your most liked posts on the homepage and the archives. This makes the whole viewing experience quite easy.

Pros Of nrelate Popular Plugin

The nrelate most popular plugin comes with the layout choices that are multiple, it makes the best use of the available recourses on offer and the built-in template makes it the perfect choice for shared hosting over WordPress.

Cons of nrelate Popular Plugin

The only con of the nrelate plugin is the sharing information with the services that are generally tagged as the third party, as it uses its own server.

Popularity Posts Widget

It’s one of the simplest plugins that are available in WordPress to make the most of the comments. Unlike the plugins that have been discussed in the list, this plugin does not have a dedicated settings page. This lets it have fewer options to configure the page with, but it comes with an amazing tool widget that lets you configure the settings directly by dragging the widget.

The widget helps you by letting you select the posts that you show over the website. There can be single popular posts or several and you can select several popular posts at the same time. You can then display the posts by selecting the time range, and thus accordingly views and comments along with the counts to make posts in order with the things selected. Popular posts widget has a filter that lets you filter out the posts according to the category that is out from the certain grouped categories. This allows you to further group the posts that are similar in nature from the specific categories. The widget also allows you to use the thumbnail for the post and you can further choose the size of the thumbnail too.

Pros Of Popularity Posts Widget

This widget is a simple plugin that can be used by anyone to display popular posts. This when combined with the lesser number of options, provides alternatives and efficient operations for certain users who want to keep things simple. It doesn’t require you to spend time configuring the plugin and lets you quickly display the list of the options.

Cons Of Popularity Posts Widget

Lack of the options to configure may be good when it comes to the users but it can be bad for many. What makes the pros make the cons in this widget. It won’t let you configure on the part of the display the thumbnail of the post when you make the changes accordingly.

Popular Widget

The popular widget suggests and displays the most popular posts that are on your website. This plugin is the best you can use to get the most of the comments. This plugin shows the posts that are popular, but it lets you display the posts that have the most views, comments, recent posts, and tags. This automatically puts the posts in the display mode as the posts getting the most views and comments get on the popular display. Along with this nifty feature, this widget makes you perform and do everything that has on offer by the other plugins. The settings in the popular widget have different sections and each can be configured according to the needs. This widget allows you to choose the posts which you want to display according to the popularity of the views and the visits. This lets you display the posts in an easy yet efficient manner to the viewers who are back to read the posts all over again.

Pros of Popular Widget

It’s a simple yet powerful tool to display the most popular posts. It comes with the default CSS and overall it works perfectly and nicely.

Cons of Popular Widget

The tabs tend to break down as they reach the width. The plugin though provides you with a way to limit the display and most 2-3 tabs will find their way in a single row.