What is WordPress?

Talking about WordPress is a web-based software program, used by anyone for maintaining or creating a blog or a website. This is one of the most popular "Content Management Systems", used for running full-fledged, rich-in social media business websites. In order to know about the basics of WordPress, let us discuss some of the steps about its functioning and how to make a new site.

First Step - Log In

After opening the website of WordPress, start by logging in to the ‘Back End’ or the ‘Administration Area’. After the domain name, now visit the login page of your website by placing “/wp-admin.” There are some themes available that offer a “Log In” link or some sort of form on the front end. After clicking on it, now you have to log in to WordPress by making filling in your username and password.

Start at the top

After you logged in, you are on the chief Administration Screen, which is also called the Dashboard. This is the main brain that manages everything about your website. From the dashboard, you can easily write amazing prose, explode creativity and design the best creative website. This is the main street from where the management of your website starts. At the screen top, you can see a 'Toolbar'. Click on your site and you will see your new WordPress Site.

Test your WordPress site

Prior to changing the settings and understanding how things exactly work, it is vital to check the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme and its workings. Before you start anything, ensure to take a proper test drive. You can see a layout, which is called a WordPress Theme. This theme plays a vital role in the appearance of the website's styling, look, and content framing. The WordPress Twenty Fourteen themes offer a “Header” located at the top of the website along with a tag line and the title of your site. The Menu is just below it and there are some links and titles compromising Widgets. The content area is within the middle section of the page and the footer is at the bottom of the page.

For more precise details, let us look at this post. First, there is a “Title” and below it is the date and then the post was written. Afterward, you will see the post body and information about it. This process is known as “Post Meta Data.” It contains some sort of information like a particular category assigned to the post. Now scroll down the page and look at the bar at the page end. This is known as “Footer”, which says “Powered by WordPress.”

The WordPress designs are based on themes and a layout of a new page created in Photoshop. The software of WordPress allows the users to create and edit new blog posts and edit a web page, using a web browser. HTML knowledge is not imperative. Blogging allows the user to update the blog and the website often for receiving and responding to readers' comments and permits the users to subscribe to the content of the site by using RSS. With many amazing features, it is not incorrect to say that WordPress blog or website is quite better than other brochure styles and static websites.