Those who are new to WordPress are usually found confused about where to start learning and produce the best possible results using their website. Here are some basic techniques that would help you a lot and you would see the results really fast after implementing these on your WordPress website.


You might not have noticed how the URLs for your blog posts (permalinks) appear on the website, but these shouldn’t remain unnoticed from your end much longer. These permalinks help search engines conveniently show your posts.

You can set the permalinks in the WordPress settings. Here you would see the URL appearing with a number. Now, select a Custom structure and enter /%postname%/. This is all you need to make your permalink have the name of the post that can be searched on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


If you don’t like the ambiance of a restaurant you wouldn’t feel comfortable eating there no matter how good the food is. The same is the case with your WordPress website, if your theme isn’t good enough or is the usual one chosen from the WordPress themes, there are higher chances people would consider it not too catchy to spend time.

It is recommended to get your own premium theme and get a different feel for your website. Make sure, whichever theme you buy is totally worth it and according to your website niche.


WordPress offers plugins that have the power to do a lot and make your website look amazing. However, don’t start downloading every other plugin as there are hundreds and thousands of them. Go for the basic ones like the Google XML Sitemaps and Akismet. The former is important for SEO purposes and helps search engines in finding your WordPress site easily. The latter is already present but needs an Akismet key. This plugin helps reduce spam. There are other important plugins like WP-Optimize, WP Database Backup, and All in One SEO Pack you can get started with.


It isn’t a good idea to keep your media library scattered. Make an integrated folder that will hold all your media files and allow you to search easily. Simply enter a keyword and you will find the file you are looking for.

To set up your WordPress website such that all your media files remain in one folder and you can search files by name, then go to “Settings -> Media” and uncheck the button present next to “Organize my uploads into month and year-based folders.”


A number of times WordPress site owners don’t give attention to the footer area which doesn’t leave a good impression. A number of times visitors simply scroll down to see who is mainly behind a website. So, give your visitors what they are looking for by inserting a copyright message, an important link to your website page, or some info on who owns your website.

Obviously, these 5 tips wouldn’t be enough and there is a lot more you need to learn with the passing time. However, these tips and tricks for WordPress beginners are good enough to keep you started on the right track.