For the last few years, WordPress has gained vast popularity and has become an imperative content management system across the web. Many people choose WordPress because of its numerous benefits for the users such as core platform, plugins, and additional themes. When customizing a WordPress theme, you can easily make your site stand out from the other competitors. Some of them require a small amount of programming knowledge, whereas, some require no knowledge of programming. Let us discuss a few methods of WordPress.

Editing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Customized a WordPress theme is not as complicated as it seems. One of the most straightforward ways to customize a theme of WordPress is to edit the CSS file of the theme. This is a language that is used for applying fonts, layout, and colors to the HTML. Generally, the webpage is built on HTML.
By editing the CSS file, you can easily change the appearance settings, color scheme, and font style. You can find this file by clicking on the AppearanceEditorstyle.css. Even if you are not informative about CSS, then only you cannot edit the code, so it is recommended to have the basic knowledge to execute the minor customization process.

Theme Control Panels

Today, there are ample WordPress themes that come with proper control panels, allowing users to change the fundamental settings, without actually editing or changing the code directly. This is the easiest way to customize the theme of WordPress. The common options you may get are the font, homepage, and background color. However, there are advanced themes also, providing customized options for advertising sections, image sliders, and background images. By using the control panel of the theme, the layout can be changed as well. This process is quite easier as compared to editing CSS code, allowing you to allocate layouts to different content types.


Generally, Widgets are used often in the WordPress theme’s sidebar, but today, in many modern themes, widgets are used on the homepage. This is one of the simplest ways for customizing the WordPress Layout without editing the code. As compared to the control panel of the theme, Widgets are more flexible. For accessing the setting of Widget, you need to go to AppearanceWidgets and then look for the homepage of Widgets. There are some kinds of themes that have specialized widgets for the homepage like custom sliders. Also, you may get a wide selection of free plugins, allowing you to add the latest kinds of widgets to the homepage.

Theme Masking

Theme Masking is the latest process for customizing WordPress. In this method, applying a mask makes it effortless to edit the footer, header, and background of the WordPress Site. In order to add new images to a WordPress theme, masks use a jQuery and CSS overlay technique. Rather than using a simple background color customization, the images are specially designed for changing the overall feel and the look of the website. From generic designs to niche-specific images, these masks are available in a diverse range of designs, complementing the theme of your WordPress Site.

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