The Internet has evolved into a huge virtual world out there and blogging has developed into a mainstream career option for many individuals ranging from IT graduates to College Drop-outs. Because of the quick popularity of the blogging industry and WordPress, there are many newbie WordPress beginners out there who are finding quick tips and different effective ways to run successful blogs.

Blogging is a pastime for many while for some it’s their bread and butter. WordPress blogs have helped many individuals quit their regular jobs and generate decent income out of blogging using passive income sources such as Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, and Paid reviews.

It ruins all their hard work and creates a huge impact on their regular earning if the passwords of their WordPress blog are compromised by any malicious user. Although WordPress takes high care of the security front of its platform, it is still highly vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacks from people around the globe.

Hence, most WordPress bloggers are often worried about the safety and security of their blogs when they start blogging. Are you one of those bloggers who feel dazed by the list of various passwords and usernames you got to remember?

If yes, then you’re not alone as you share the same feeling with many individuals worldwide. Today, many bloggers are looking for an easier method to remember their usernames and passwords for their blogs. Through this post, let us guide you on how a Pro blogger manages the password using three of the most effective password management programs and we recommend these tools you must check out just now.

Why Do You Need Password Manager Tools?

Many of the bloggers often go for some simple methods to manage passwords for a long time such as birth date, nickname, school name, girlfriend’s name, city or parents name, etc. But with the hacking culture evolving day by day, it’s not at all considered safe to use such easy-to-track passwords in the blogging industry. Not just the passwords of your WordPress blog but the passwords of your social media profiles, email accounts, affiliate accounts, Google AdSense, etc. can be easily compromised too.

Lately, there have been reports of many password hacks on various different websites including WordPress-powered blogs. If a hacker gains access to your blog, then your blog becomes vulnerable to some serious damage. Don’t assume that we are trying to scare you off from blogging but it is a fact and occurs almost every day to a different number of bloggers all over the web for using unsafe easy to crack passwords.

This is the main reason why many security professionals and other experts suggest the users opt for unique and strong passwords which are almost impossible to crack.

Now the next question that arises in your mind is how you are going to remember such strong and unique passwords set for your web hosting, email accounts, social media sites, WordPress admin dashboard, etc.

No need to make any guesses as here’s where Password Manager takes over.

What is Password Manager Program and What does it do?

Password Manager is a software that saves and manages each and every password you own for different accounts and lets you use them when you need the password using a master password. A reliable Password Manager program will also help you generate tough passwords when you’re registering new accounts and then save the same in the cloud.

In the current scenario where almost every aspect of our lives whether it's official, personal or social are connected with the internet. Most of these are highly important must be safe and secure. Hence, most of our internet programs whether its social networking profiles, blog admin panel, email accounts, etc. are secured with passwords.

But as further technology evolves, the threat to keep these passwords and accounts safe all the time becomes difficult. Also keeping a strong password and remembering it on your own increases the chances of forgetting the passwords which may end up in the loss of your personal data.

A Password Manager with a single master password can make things both easy and highly secure for you. The best advantage of using the Password Manager Program is its auto-fill feature. With this functionality, you won’t require to recall or fill anything on the sites you have to save passwords for.

These Password Manager programs are compatible to use on any of your gadgets and above all, they can effortlessly transfer passwords across different browsers and gadgets.

Here is the list of the three most effective Password Manager Programs on the internet:

  1. LastPass

LastPass is one of the most widely used Password Managers available out there. It has generated so much positive feedback from its users and many of them have recommended it to other users as well.

There are two versions of LastPass available on the market: The free and Premium versions. The paid version is available for a yearly subscription of $12 only which is $1 a month.

The best advantage of using LastPass is that it is compatible with any of your devices whether it is powered by Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you want to use your LastPass password management program universally on any of your devices, it easily syncs all your important passwords on those devices safely and securely.

You can effortlessly access your LastPass account with a single master password in order to manage all your important passwords list which in fact makes the master password, and only source to access any of your web accounts.

To enhance the security of the master password, LastPass also offers Duo Security,multi-factor verification with Toopher, Yubi Key, Transact, and most importantly Google Authenticator. In short, even if your master password gets compromised, the hacker wouldn’t be able to access your LastPass account without an automatically created security key to access your password list.

Isn’t that awesome?

There are times when we want the assistants to take care of our different profiles and accounts on the internet. It becomes highly important to make sure that your passwords are not compromised and fall into wrong hands who may change your passwords and take control over all your virtual life on the internet especially your high revenue-generating WordPress blog.

Don’t worry at all. LastPass allows you to share your passwords with anyone such as a secretary or developer in the most secure way. All you need is to make sure that the people with whom you want to share your password vault must have LastPass installed on their device.

Such a password sharing feature is very safe because your associate would never be able to see or find out your password, hence they won’t be able to change it either. They can easily sign-in and carry on the regular tasks assigned to them by you.

  1. 1Password

The second Password Manager tool on our list is 1Password which is also one of the best Password Manager programs available online. It is also a cross-platform program and is compatible across all mobile platforms as well. Unlike LastPass, there is only a premium version available for 1Password, although there is an option of trying the program for 30 days without any charge.

1Password is the costliest Password Manager program of the lot. It’s built on the license model where you need to purchase a license for any gadget you wish to install this Password Manager program.

Many Apple users are fond of the 1Password app because of its simple UI which is in fact get simpler for beginners who are using the app for the first time. These new users can easily understand the way the program works and adapt to the 1Password app quickly.

Although it is the most expensive Password Manager app on the list, there is one very important feature of biometric or multi-factor verification missing on the 1Password app. Since all of its competitors offer this feature as well as it is a highly requested feature, we assume that this feature will be added to the 1Password app very soon in the future update.

Same as any other password management program online, 1Password also makes it completely simple to create strong passwords and submit them into the specific form fields whenever you’re registering the new account. Like other password management app, it also offers the feature of auto-fill when you need to login to a specific website in order to make the process easier, faster, and safer.

1Password doesn’t have its own cloud hosting for Password sharing and hence sharing passwords features with co-workers, family, and friends isn’t possible as we found on LastPass. In order to make this work, you have to create a Dropbox folder and upload the shared vault on it. Next, share the Dropbox folder with the ones you want to share your passwords with. Also remember that in order to access these passwords, they should install 1Password on their gadgets.

  1. Dashlane

The third in the list of best Password Manager Software is Dashlane. Same as the other tools, Dashlane is very well compatible and could be used as a crossover program on different platforms whether mobile or desktop.

Dashlane is available for free without some premium features only intended for paid subscribers. The paid plan of Dashlane is offered at $29.99 which also comprises unlimited devices and backups.

This Password Manager program is ideal to create tough passwords when you’re filling signup forms online as well as securely store your strong passwords and auto-fills them when you’re supposed to log in.

Most importantly, Dashlane helps you with sharing passwords with your coworkers and friends in the most secure manner.

Although there’s a free version available, Dashlane only allows syncing passwords across all different devices along with access to all the passwords of your profiles online, or store backups to its premium members.


If you’re looking for the easiest yet safe and cost-effective solution for your password management needs, then LastPass comes out as the outright winner. If you are running an internet business such as a WordPress blog, then you can surely benefit from the amazing safety features of LastPass which would help your blog remain safe and secure from various different malicious users out there.

With LastPass, you are able to restrict access to specific countries, set up a two-way authentication system, and deactivate cloud sync if necessary. It’s free for as long as you want and could be used universally on any of your gadgets and offers the best service across all those devices.

Many top bloggers such as WPBeginner founder, Syed Balkhihave installed LastPass for Password Management on their blogs as well as they highly recommend it to all WordPress beginners in order to enjoy a secure and safe blogging career.

We hope that this blog post would be helpful to many newbie bloggers out there in order to guide them and make them understand the importance of safely managing their passwords with some of the best Password Management apps online. For any individual having online profiles, passwords are a very important security shield against hackers, and they should never at any cost compromise by using strong and unique passwords for all their profiles that include email accounts, social media profiles, WordPress blogs, etc.

For anyone running a WordPress blog, in addition to the above, there are many different things that could be done in order to safeguard their website from hackers worldwide. They can apply tough passwords and also change passwords for their different users on the blog at the click of a button using different user-management plugins available on WordPress.

If you think we have missed any Password Manager app to share along with this list, then please do share it in the comments below. Also, share your feedback or experience if you have used any of the above apps to manage the passwords of your WordPress blog.