Social Media has established itself as the 2nd best source for organic traffic after Search Engines. With the evolution of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on the web, many websites including top-notch bloggers as well as beginners have started implementing different strategies to develop their brand on these popular social media platforms.

Many websites especially top-notch bloggers have blogged about the popularity of social media channels and how it has helped in the growth and traffic of their WordPress blog. Social Media channels especially Twitter have grown as an ideal platform for micro-blogging and quality discussion within 140 characters maximum. It’s also a great channel to build your brand as well as share your quality posts to be read by the maximum number of people.

Today, let’s talk about the power of Twitter in general and how you can build high traffic to your WordPress blog with some of the best WordPress plugins available out there.

How Twitter Generates Good Referral Traffic?

Twitter has experienced exponential growth in the past decade. Although it was against some tough competition from Facebook, the micro-blogging platform has made its mark in the social media culture.

Yes, Facebook wins the battle when it comes to the number of registered users and their daily activity on the Social Media website while Twitter triumphs in creating a buzz with better engaging and tailored tweets in just 140 characters that attract not just casual users but the celebrities worldwide to interact with their fans.

Twitter is an ideal platform for announcements or viral stories if you have a good list of followers. It moves like the wind if you post something valuable or interesting on your Twitter profile that has a strong list of followers.

If you’re a top-notch influential blogger and haven’t created an account on Twitter then you’re definitely losing on a great bunch of traffic to your blog on a daily basis. Whereas, if you are a newbie, then you must create a Twitter account and start building followers because a healthy followers list will develop your influence and the brand of your blog.

We all know that WordPress is the best platform currently available for self-hosted blogs on the World Wide Web. So, let me share some of the best WordPress plugins that can help you grow your dominance on Twitter.

So without any further ado, let’s check out this awesome list of WP Twitter Plugins:

  1. WP To Twitter:

This simple plugin can tweet out your newly published posts automatically. Just install WP to Twitter on your blog and link your Twitter account with the plugin with simple option settings. WP to Twitter will connect your WordPress blog with your Twitter accounts with some simple API settings.

At times it becomes a hassle to log in to your Twitter and tweet your new post as soon as it is published. It becomes easier to tweet as soon as you publish your post on WordPress with the help of the WP to Twitter plugin.

Along with automated tweeting, there are many other amazing features available with WP to Twitter plugin. With advanced features on the plugin, you can also set up analytics for tracking your tweets as well as set up debugging if you are having a problem.

Blending with WordPress, this plugin also lets you tweet only featured posts by selecting the “Featured” checkbox. It’s an exciting feature if you publish a lot of new posts daily.

Features of WP to Twitter:

  • Automated Tweets of New Blog posts
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Set up Alternate URLs instead of default Permalinks
  • Use tags as Twitter hashtags
There’s also a premium version of this free WordPress plugin, known as WP Tweets Pro. If you want to upgrade to the premium version you can enjoy the added features of WP Tweets Pro as follows:

Added Features of WP Tweets Pro:

  • Each Author can set up their own Twitter account
  • Delayed Tweet Set up
  • Scheduled Tweet Set up
  • Co-Tweet alongside Site’s own Twitter account and author Twitter accounts
  • Preview and Tweet Comments
  1. Revive Old Post:

This plugin is similar to the “WP to Tweet” plugin. The only difference is that with the help of Revive Old Post plugin, you can tweet not just the newly published posts but older ones too from your WordPress blog archives.

There are many posts in our WordPress blog archives that are evergreen and need to be shared every often. It becomes difficult to search those posts individually and tweet them. Hence, Revive Old Post makes it easy to share new as well as old posts with set intervals between tweets.

Simply install this plugin and add your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts to set up the Review Old Post plugin. This amazing plugin comes with various different features where you can select what posts to share as well as set intervals between two shares.

You can also add custom text to your posts as well as set up any custom field of your WordPress you want to add with your posts.

Features of Revive Old Post:

  • Revive your old archived posts
  • Schedule your tweets
  • Integrated URL shorteners such as
  • Easy setup
  • Easy customization options
There’s also a premium version of this free plugin known as Revive Old Post Pro. It comes with some added features along with the free or lite version of the plugin.

Added Features of Revive Old Post Pro:

  • Post from Multiple Accounts
  • Post with image
  • Share both posts and pages
  1. WP Tweet Button:

Now if you have already installed any of the above 2 plugins or both of them, you need yet another Twitter plugin on WordPress. The above 2 plugins were about tweeting on your own account. While WP Tweet Button is a WordPress plugin where you can add a Tweet button on each of your blog posts.

The readers of your blog can easily tweet your posts with the help of the WP Tweet Button. This simple plugin will set up the official Tweet button on each of your blog posts. You can also position and style the Tweet button using the plugin options.

In addition, you can also configure individual messages for your posts, use your post title or keep the default settings as it is.

Features of WP Tweet Button:

  • Allows readers to tweet your posts
  • Shows tweet count to track the number of retweets for each post
  • General and post specific settings
  • Various placement and alignment options
  • WPTouch support
  • Google Analytics support
  1. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is one of the most popular Social WordPress plugin out there in the WordPress repository. If you wish to include other social networks alongside Twitter, then Digg Digg is your best bet. Digg Digg is created by Buffer which is also famous for its Buffer App that allows users to schedule tweets or Facebook and Google+ updates.

Digg Digg is named after one of the best news aggregator websites Digg which was acquired by BetaWorks in 2012.

Digg Digg lets you add a floating share bar on the side of your blog posts. You can easily install this plugin and set up different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Google Plus, Pinterest, Buffer, Stumbleupon, Google Buzz, Tweetmeme, DZone, Topsy, Digg, Google+, Delicious, Yahoo! Buzz, Comments, Serpd, TheWebBlend, BlogEngage, Flattr, etc. by simply enabling them.

You can also customize the position of the Digg Digg floating share bar as either fixed or floating as you want. You can also place the share buttons within your post’s content either on top or bottom and much more.

Features of Digg Digg:

  • Set up all major the Social Sharing buttons on each blog post
  • A stylish display of the sharing bar either floating or fixed
  • Easy customization options with different social network buttons
  • Easy setup.
  1. Twitter Digest

This is the 5th Twitter plugin for WordPress on my list that comes very handy if you want to post periodic “link mashups” like a Digest either daily or weekly. Twitter Digest is a WordPress plugin that lets you extract all your recent tweets and publish them as a post.

Again there are a lot of customization options available with this plugin. You have the option to either publish automatically or be saved as a draft which can be edited later and published.

The plugin works best for those who don’t wish to tweet each post individually but as a digest. It’s an ideal plugin to publish “link mashups” as a daily or weekly magazine. The Twitter Digest plugin will create a post either daily or weekly that contains tweets from the specified Twitter account of either the previous day or week respectively.

For blogs, that produce viral content on a daily basis, creating such a daily or weekly digest can be very helpful to attract traffic on the blog.

Features of Twitter Digest:

  • Automatically fetches tweets from a specified Twitter account and creates a post shortly after midnight collecting tweets of the previous day.
  • Tag Tweet digest posts automatically
  • Add the customized title of the tweet digest posts
  • Choose a specific author and category for the digest.
Bonus: Twitter Widget for WordPress

Here’s a bonus for you if you wish to establish your dominance on the Twitter platform. In addition to the above-mentioned plugins, I would also suggest installing the Twitter Widget for WordPress on your blog.

You can find the instructions for setting up the Twitter widget on your blog within your Twitter account in the Widgets section. Customize your settings with the desired size of the widget and other options and you’re ready to go.

Use the HTML code and implement it on the Widgets section of your WordPress blog using the “Text” widget option. That’s it. Your Twitter widget is live and running your tweet stream on your blog.

The main benefit of having a Twitter widget on your blog’s sidebar is that the reader can quickly have a sneak into the quality of posts you are publishing. It’s highly advisable to have such a Twitter stream on your WordPress blog using the official Twitter widget.

Why do you need these Twitter Plugins for Your WordPress Blog?

As explained earlier, Twitter is one of the best platforms to generate quality traffic to your blog. All the above twitter plugins are helpful in setting up automated tweets for your most important blog posts to generate huge traffic for each post.

WordPress plugins are created to make things easier and automated so a blogger without any prior knowledge of programming can easily set up various customizations in order to make the blog user-friendly.

These Twitter plugins make it easy to either tweet newly published posts or old archived posts from within your Twitter account without any need to log in from a different browser. A one-time setup is all you require to automate your tweets on an instant basis or scheduled terms.

All the above-mentioned plugins are highly secure to use and they are programmed using a clean code structure. Also, these plugins wouldn’t conflict with any other installed WP plugins on your blog. Most importantly, having all these Twitter plugins wouldn’t harm the functionality or speed of your blog.

With the help of the above plugins, your Twitter account remains active whether you are offline or enjoying a vacation. Many top bloggers on WordPress platforms have used and praised the above plugins and also recommended these plugins to their readers.

Go through the reviews of each plugin in order to verify the quality and safety of these plugins.

Let us know what Twitter plugin you use on your WordPress Blog!

So here are the 5 most useful Twitter plugins for WordPress. I recommend using all the above plugins for maximum advantage from Twitter. These plugins can help you build your influence as well as a brand on Twitter.