WordPress skills are most in-demand today throughout the world, especially when it comes to freelancing. It can lead to a lot of exposure and some amazement as well as highly rewarding work opportunities. As the world’s website industry continues to grow and come up with new challenges, top WordPress developers have a very bright future. Being a top WordPress developer it is always a good idea to have sufficient knowledge about the tools that can assist you to get the work done efficiently and quickly. Not only is this going to increase your work productivity and help you gain recognition but will also be beneficial to your clients.

The following sections of this article mention in detail some great applications and numerous services that are easily available to a WordPress freelancer. Using them can raise your market value and quality of work.

Project And Management Tools (PMTs)


Asana is probably one of the best tools that are around for project management and application that focuses on teamwork rather than individual efforts. Numerous amazing features of this service include creating, modifying, and scheduling tasks for co-workers. As a freelancer who is working individually, you can use Asana to monitor all projects, the progress or invite clients onboard over a real-time user interface. The best part about this tool is that it has IOS as well as Android applications, so you can conveniently use it from your phone and stay connected. This tool in our opinion is on the lines of some of the best available project management tools in the market.


Basecamp can be called one of the most famous and efficient tools for project management that are currently available in the market. It is the simplest yet effective tool that users can have to get the work done efficiently by monitoring their work in progress. Users have the freedom to add files, work on a variety of projects and message other members or have one on one conversation amongst each other. Again the application is available on both IOS as well as Android phones. The only drawback with this is that it does not come for free. However top WordPress developers still prefer to use this application for their bigger projects. Paid plans begin from a monthly subscription of $20.

WP Project Management Tool

Recently released WP Manager is a tool that has some unique functionality; it is similar to previously mentioned Basecamp however, its ability to integrate itself within the WordPress system right on the dashboard is what makes it unique. This means everything can be centralized from within WordPress. It means you do not have to open a separate eternal tool whenever you work on your projects, you can easily assign and monitor everything from the dashboard directly along with many other associated features like Time tracking and invoicing. Another great part about this tool is that there are two different versions of the software available, free and the pro version is paid. It is much simpler than Basecamp so if you are not used to some technically advanced project management tools, then the option for this one can be a good idea.


CollabPress helps you easily manage or track a variety of different tasks at the same time. By using its ability to use existing WordPress registered accounts, it also has a BuddyPress integration. In case you are working on a collaborative project, then this is the most effective tool to stay in touch with your team and your clients. It is an open-source tool which means you as a developer can also contribute to enhancing the functional value of this tool or address an underlying issue.


Trello comes as the latest tool in the project management field and is a free tool available to download and use. Trello is different in terms of the way it represents content for many open tasks.


The application was developed specifically keeping the context and workings of Word Press users, it has some real functional value for WordPress developers some of the features are as follows:

  • Super clean and user-friendly interface
  • Manage projects and tasks with convenience.
  • Manage Users or assign team roles.
  • Manage or modify Pages.
  • Manage or modify your posts.
  • Extend your Orbis with additional plugins.

Productivity Tools


Dropbox is one of the most revolutionary tools in WordPress, it has changed the defined new ways of the to work, carry and transferring our files through the use of the internet. Today there is hardly anyone, especially in the professional field that is not aware of DropBox Functionality. The application can take all your files to the Dropbox online folder and store them on a cloud, and through this, you can transfer or access these files from anywhere. Dropbox will keep your history of files which will save you time. It comes to great use when the files are large and cannot be sent in emails. It is proving to be of routine use now.

Google Apps

The all-famous Google, we all know is more of our friend than a mere search engine now. Google apps can allow you the freedom to do a lot of things from getting your work done alone or with the team, interaction online, and many other features like:

  • Emails on Gmail
  • Social Networking through Hangouts
  • Google Calendar
  • Upload files on Google Drive
  • Use Google Docs and spreadsheets
  • Search for Sites
  • Administer various campaigns and workings


1Password as the name suggests is a password-saving tool. It has the capacity to store all your passwords and easily remember when in need. 1Password also helps you avoid writing user names and passwords repeatedly on websites that you visit on a routine basis. This helps save a lot of time and speed the workflow and efficiency. 1Password makes user login process and form saving seamless. You can install all new browser extensions with this tool in order to increase your overall user experience.


Evernote might get you to believe it is just simply a note-saving tool, however, it is much more than that. It has a complete workspace to work on all kinds of different projects. It has the ability to save your notes on the cloud, hence giving you a chance to transfer your data and view it again from any device anywhere. The two versions of applications are basic and premium that starts from $5 a month. It allows you to access more advanced versions and online file accessibility. The Business package of the same application comes for a subscription of $10/ month per user, which can allow you to have a completely centralized and synchronized system for all your team members. Evernote can easily be used with anything. Writer and designers, accountants, or any activity you can imagine.


Unroll.Me is a blessing for people wanting to use their inboxes efficiently. The tool checks all your emails and either rolls or unrolls them depending on your preference. For example, if you have subscribed to newsletters from different companies, and you now wish to unsubscribe from them, then using this tool will get it done in one instance that is the beauty of this tool.


Draft can help make writing very secure, and also very easy. It saves all your writing pieces and lets you revert back to any draft you wrote. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with other freelancers.

Tools For Business Management


Mint helps in easily managing and handling your money very conveniently it comes as a free application on all platforms. With a very attractive user-friendly interface on all devices, Mint will allow you to concentrate on your spending routines, your daily transactions and integrate all your separate bank accounts in one place.


An app like Check is similar money managing free application that can track your financial activities and offer insight based on its findings. Similar to Mint, where you can see all your activities on a variety of devices from laptops to phones. Check can go one step ahead by offering to integrate bill payment or support while giving you alerts on your due payments.

Wave Accounting

This application is a complete solution for all business-oriented people. It can perform functions like expense management, making invoices or registers, etc. The app might prove too comprehensive for individual freelancers; however, its enhanced tools can help manage the different projects and related information with convenience.


Another one of the time managing or tracking applications with added features. It can tackle the accounting, expenses, and automated invoicing functions in the blink of an eye.


Ballpark again is a similar application to money management tools; it is effective for WordPress users having global clients because it uses PayPal service very efficiently.


An application like Timely is a healthy addition to already available time tracking and managing applications that really are one of a kind. Rather than simply managing time, users have the ability to schedule tasks and what amount of time to be given to certain tasks. The free version of the application will allow you to work on 3 projects besides which you will have to subscribe to a paid version for 14$/ month.


It is very important to keep up with all the legal formalities when working on a copyright website and content. This application relates to all your legal documentation and proceedings, it will help you create signatures and create legal documents.

Presentation Tools

The Invision

An application that is a great tool to collaborate and work on the project as a team, some of the features that are of some great value to developers are designing, imaging, and presentation workings.


LayerVault lets you save Photoshop files in a different format; again this tool is only for designers or communications people.
With a fantastic user interface, the application will allow you and your team to focus on your presentations individually; it also can show you full mock-ups and allow you to leave comments in order to deliver the message to other members of your team working on the same project.


Marvel comes as a free tool for designing; it converts your thought-out ideas into prototype images and is applicable on any user interface. It also has a mobile app that keeps you connected all time and can also be integrated with WordPress.

Tools For Customer Acquisition


WordPress is growing to be the most successful application for designing websites and managing blogs. It has widely grown in popularity and is the first preference of programmers and web developers.

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is one of the best email managing and sending tool that is out there, it has completely redefined your email experience. It serves up to a million clients daily. Mailchimp can allow you to deliver campaign emails in the form of a large bunch to your customer base or clients. It can also be very easily integrated into WordPress and other platforms with its simple API setting; the best part of this is it is a completely free tool to your customer base that goes beyond a very large bandwidth.


Email application and marketing tool which is very similar in working to Mailchimp. It can have over 600 different responsive and interactive email templates that users can choose from apart from some other features.

Google Analytics

Another great Google tool is the most widely used tool in social media now. It lets you gain insights as to what your client has been doing, what your competition is doing etc.


Above mentioned tools are some of the most popular ones that we usually come across over the internet. There might be more additional tools that could use simultaneously or alternatively, as time changes we see more enhanced versions of various different tools. The key to a good freelancer or WordPress developer is to be updated about services and applications that make your work more efficient and productive.