WordPress’s functionality is largely dependent on the number of plug-ins it has to offer. These plug-ins have an amazing capacity to enhance the entire user experience of a WordPress website. When we talk about plug-ins in WordPress, we cover a broad spectrum of functions that are on offer. However, today we will only talk about a particular type of plug-ins used in making responsive tables for price comparisons and general ones.

There could be a variety of different possibilities and justifications for adding a pricing or a general table to a WordPress website. Whatever that may be, we will be analyzing a plug-in that will help you create attractive tables with the least amount of effort. The use of tables in WordPress, especially if it is a business website, is very credible and important. It gives you a creative method to display your offers, the products or services that you are currently trying to get your customers attracted to. In addition to that, it can also allow you to have one on one comparison with your competition by listing their services on another column of the table as well. This gives your readers and customers a very quick snapshot of everything they are interested in and will increase the trust on your site.

In the later sections of this article, we are going to highlight the different features and advantages of Easy Pricing Tables and its Premium Plugin. This plug-in was developed by Fatcat Apps.

Features Or Usage Of Pricing Tables

One would imagine that a business-oriented website, selling different packages of services would largely suit the operations of this plug-in, but this is not the case. The same plug-in could be utilized for various other uses that can come out as great functions for other general users as well. For example, comparing two different products from all available options, giving out specifications or overview of something in pointers, comparing posts from different websites and so much more, the usability of this plug-in entirely depends on the imaginative skills of WordPress developer.

For business-oriented websites, who is doing price point comparisons or reviews on different products of interest, then they can easily add basic elements like features, prices, and reviews to help their users get a glance at some of the important elements before they decide to opt for a certain product or offer. People who are selling products as affiliate ones, then they can add this table to give out full details to customers and then direct them to actual websites of these products. This way they can very easily act as an information site for people who are looking for details initially before they make a purchasing decision.

The tool is not only limited to, multiple offerings only, even when a business is selling one single product with one pricing option, still creating a table that highlights your product in the light of competition and how does it stand out is something that could be a game-changer for your business, because when customers can clearly see which offer is the best, but they will also obviously be going for that one. This also makes customers happy because it allows them to save lots of effort on going to different websites and look for options, wherein this table, they can clearly see what is going on and what they need to decide.

For businesses who still do not believe in different pricing options for their offerings, then they really should start believing in this strategy, as the business websites on the internet keep getting more and more creative as well as tactful in their approach, this is something that has been adopted by most companies out in the market. The biggest advantage of doing so is psychologically giving an impression to your customers that you have everything from low prices to high-end service and depending on the need of that customer you are willing to serve them.

Customers love to review such comparisons and multiple pricing packages before they make a purchasing decision and if they get this sort of advantage on your website then it will keep them hooked on to your page rather than your competitor’s.

By the end of this section, we understand the importance of pricing tables and how they can be utilized in different ways possible. We will now analyze some features of the said plug-in and its use in the WordPress project.

Different Functional Features Of Pricing Tables

The premium plug-in for WordPress comes with some amazing available features that include:

  • Responsive and Creative designs and table sketches
  • Variety of different table templates to choose from
  • Hover and no-hover effect will improve the functional and responsive value for the site
  • Featured Columns
  • Ability to drag or drop columns as well as change their orders
  • Variety of color templates and schemes to choose from
  • Option to design custom color tables
  • Custom Coding system
  • Option to add tips for customers
  • Use of different pricing strategies, like weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Ability to synchronize with Google

Variety Of Table Designs And Templates

The plug-in that comes with premium services for WordPress has a variety of built-in table designs or temples. You have the capacity to draw five different sorts of table skeletons and then provide your custom design to it by adding color and features. You can also draw tables that can show as many as ten different columns, alongside small tables showing five different columns on a single page.

Designing Pricing Tables

The only time you have to really do anything with this plug-in is to get it up installed and set it as per your designed WordPress framework. The moment your plug-in is installed and is enabled for your project, you will clearly see a new item available in your dashboard or menu that says Pricing Tables. The new menu will have three given features:

  • Create or view different pricing tables
  • Add or modify existing tables
  • Customization or preferences (which are your administrative settings)

As we said earlier, the plug-in developers have tried to keep each and everything relevant, no irrelevant information or extra buttons are associated with the plug-in or its menu, which means you get to work as soon as you have the tool without wasting time in filtering out what is required and what is not.

Designing A Comparison Table

If we talk about the much-hyped comparison table, designing it with this plug-in is nothing more than plain basic administrative work. This plug-in will allow you to design a table with just a single click.

Start by moving over to the new item in your administrative interface and then choose the desired name for your table. After which you will be prompted to choose a built-in template, by also mentioning their column specifications. Remember different templates have different columns sometimes so it is important to be sure of how many columns you will require before deciding on a template.

The final steps to making a comparison table are to add content to it. Whenever you will choose a new table template, there will be instructions and tips recommended that can help you identify what content goes where. They are often called guidance notes; they usually inform what information from your content will go where.

The table is very easy to use, when you are uploading all the features or service list, pressing the return key will start a different row within your table. If you want to add custom columns, then this can be done by going on to adding a new Column feature within the administrative area of your table, changing the order of these columns as we said earlier is done through simply dragging and dropping them in desired positions. Occasionally there will be times when you want one of your columns to come out as bigger than others possibly to highlight that part of your table, then just mark that particular column with featured function, and then you will see that part of your table will be bigger than normal. This will then stand out amongst other normal rows and columns.

If you have a number of tables to make, then it is a good idea to take a preview after some tables are finalized, this will show you exactly how your tables will appear as a final result on your site. Simply pressing the save and preview button will allow you to see the final results

In some cases you probably might want to change some settings, after previewing your table, just exit your preview tab by going back to your table designing area, and from there you can continue to make new tables or change current ones. You can modify the settings of each individual table by going to the settings for that table and then making your changes.

Settings For Your Pricing Tables

If you look at your designing tab just under your table creator, you will have options to customize designs and options for comparison tables, these settings feature the following changes that could be added to your tables:

  • Generalized administrative settings for each table or general
  • Font colors and sizes as well as different styles
  • Margins, space, and size of rows or your columns
  • Color palette to choose from or make your own customized color schemes
  • Settings for advanced developers like hiding buttons
  • Custom styling and coding for tables

The page for actual settings in the plug-in allows users to provide their license key numbers. Other settings for tables are programmed on an individual table basis from the designing tab only. In the end, if you still wish to change anything, then going back to the same area and then selecting tables, will allow you to change your settings. Any changes you make will be updated in real-time on your website, so you do not have to wait for changes to take place.

If you think in the future you might want similar style tables and designs, then you can quickly go on to make copies of your tables from the above screen, this will then provide you the opportunity to create templates for your created tables, so next time you just have to apply the template and create new tables with different variations from existing ones.

The next step is to insert a table with your posts and pages. The plug-in will give you an option that can very simply add your tables to all posts. You can individually select which tables to post and show as final output.


Let’s get down to the most interesting point, how much will you exactly have to pay to get this amazing plug-in for your WordPress website projects, the plug-in comes with three different packages:

  • Personal package for $29
  • Business package for $49
  • Agency package for $14

All packages will give 5 different table templates along with one year update and online support. After one year you can use the plug-in, however, online support will not be present, you can have your license renewed anytime by also utilizing a discount offer of 30% of the given package. The plug-in also comes with a great money-back guarantee, so within 60 days if you feel the tool is not suitable for your work, then you can get the refund.

Online Support

The premium pricing packages all come with amazing online support, that can help you with any query or problems arising as a result of using this tool or within this plug-in itself. The basic documentation is also very efficiently done, which means that you get tons of information before getting to work with this plug-in.

The email support from the founders of this tool has also gained a lot of appreciation from developers around the world.

Conclusive Remarks And Recommendations

The Easy Pricing Premium Tables come with a great functional value and completely delivers what it promises, a high-value plug-in made to enhance user experience on WordPress website and creatively present information of interest. The tool is very easy to use as we have discussed and has some really amazing user or online support.

All features presented with this plug-on offer, some good value to developers and make their life easy. From large instances like creating big tables to changing and customizing colors everything is in there to be utilized and make a good website. If a developer is looking for easy table designing and customization then this is the right bargain.