Shipping is one of the key aspects of an online store. It forms an integral part of the marketing tactics of a brand and helps marketers in creating their visitor's experience absolutely delightful. Today, there is an array of online stores built on robust platforms that help you formulate different shipping policies for your customers.

A professional e-commerce platform should have the ability to help you develop sound shipping policies and make sure that your website makes the best use of whichever you choose to exploit. One of the platforms called WooCommerce makes it extremely convenient for you to define multiple methods and shipping techniques to make your customers feel happy and satisfied.

The platform is absolutely great in the way you set up shipping options on the basis of the number of products you sell. If you are selling only a few products then the basic shipping options can be used, however, when your inventory grows or you include an extensive range of products, then you can set up varied shipping options based on your needs.

In this post, we are going to show you a list of some varied methods offered by WooCommerce. All the methods are reliable, secure, and ensure an accurate flow of information from customers to store owners and vice versa.

1. Purolator Shipping Method

The Purolator Shipping Method comes complete with a high-end API Purolator API which automatically calculates the shipping charges of the cart. The calculator calculates the weight and dimensions of each product and rates are defined on the basis of the shipping method selected by the customer.

2. Role-Based Payment/Shipping Methods

With this extension, website owners have the ability to individually limit the available shipping methods and payment gateways for each user configured in WordPress.

3. Local Pickup Plus

The Local Pickup Plus method makes it convenient for the site owners to define one or more pickup locations so that your customers can select any of them as per their preferences. The selected location will be displayed to your customer as well as to you in your admin area.

4. Shipment Tracking

The Shipment Tracking method is an absolutely easy and reliable way of providing your customers a facility to track their shipment. With this method, as soon as the customer ends up filling in all the details, the tracking information will appear in emails, the order tracking page, and the order view page.

5. Print Invoices & Packing Lists

A high-performance tool for managing invoices and packaging lists in your WooCommerce store. The plugin makes it extremely easy for you to print invoices and packaging lists directly from the Orders Page.

6. SAPO Domestic Parcel Service

SAPO Domestic Parcel Service gives site owners various options to calculate shipping rates for your customers located in South Africa on the basis of their cart weight.

7. Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping is an extremely flexible and sophisticated shipping method that allows you to define the rate of shipping on the basis of weight, the total number of orders, shipping class, and price. You can also use wildcards to suit the needs of a particular region.

8. API API is an extremely reliable WooCommerce shipping method that allows you to specify varied shipping rates and add-ons to receive a shipping label from The method is great in the way it offers a lower rate, enhanced tracing, and an easy-to-understand tracking system.

9. Shipping Labels for WooCommerce by OrderCup

This high-end plugin is all that you need to create a very comprehensible shipping method for your customers. With this plugin, you can easily and quickly construct shipping labels, either in singles or in batch, without having any need to download software.

10. WooCommerce E-commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

With this high-end plugin, it will be absolutely easy for you to offer special bundled shipping rates when multiple items are purchased by a customer. The plugin is praised for its flexibility and ability to define shipping rates based on the customer destination. You can also add layers to each category.

Wrapping Up

WooCommerce is an awesome e-commerce solution provided by WordPress. And its shipping options are absolutely great when it comes to increasing your customer satisfaction. All of them are helpful to boost your revenue and give you a marketing advantage.