Before we get into the race of finding the best tools for WordPress backlinks we should understand what backlinks are and their importance. Backlinks or inbound links, as the name suggests, are the links directed towards your website. The amount of backlinks shows the importance or popularity of your website. Backlinks are quite important from an SEO point of view because search engine giants like Google give a better ranking to the website having a good amount of links and considering these websites as more relevant compared to others in their search result page.

When a keyword is entered in a search engine, it calculates the site relevance to the entered keyword and the number of quality backlinks to that site. So, the number of inbound links doesn’t matter as much as their quality.

A search engine keeps under consideration the site content for determining the link quality. When the backlink is coming from a website having related content to your site, such links carry more importance than the ones coming from irrelevant sites. The higher the relevancy of the inbound link, the better their quality is.

Following are some great tools that can tell you about the backlinks and certain other SEO-related information for your website.

With a clean homepage, all you need is to enter your domain name and search for backlinks. The website gives you options like, don’t repeat backlinks from the same domain, show links only from the homepage, find anchor text, total links, outbound links, search for text on the source code of backlinks. This gives you much detailed insight into how other websites are linking to your website.

This backlink checking facility is much more advanced and gives you the option to either compare two or more websites or simply enter one domain name and search. The results are much vast and would show page rank, internal links, external links, followed linking root domain, equity pass links and the stats just goes on.

This backlink checking website is quite precise and concentrates more on backlinks than any other information. The homepage asks for a domain name and as soon as you enter one you are given a detailed report on the backlink URL, Anchor text, Page rank, Outbound links, and the total backlinks.

This website allows you to search a few domains for free and then you need to sign up for getting statistics about other domains. Majestic SEO gives you information on the hit keywords of your website, the amount of do-follow links the website has shows external website links, etc.

Everyone would have heard of this name at one point or the other. A very powerful and famous tool that will not only give details on website backlinks but also gives detailed information on other features of the site like the website’s popularity, daily visitors, geographical location of visitors, and a lot more.

Every day a new and better website comes up on the internet with more detail on SEO features. These tools prove really helpful in the long run when you are trying to optimize your website for search engines.