WordPress is not just a blogging platform but also quite a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) for numerous customer needs. For instance, it is used a lot as a file management system where teams work on files simultaneously and handle file hosting, file management, and workflow.

It looks difficult to manage this process with the WordPress default administration user interface. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress file management plugins available that can make things a lot easier. These incorporate different features like password-protected downloads, download logs, hit counter, and others. Here are some top-rated WordPress file management plugins that will greatly help you in managing documents and files.

WP Document Revisions

It is a document management system along with the version control capability plugin made for time sensitive projects. WP Document Revisions has 3-in-1 capability including:

  • DMS (Document management system), which lets teams edit files collaboratively that can be of any format including text documents, spreadsheets, music, images, etc.
  • Collaboration tool, which lets teams work in collaboration on the drafting, editing, and refining of the documents.
  • File hosting facility, which allows you to securely publish and deliver files to clients, to teams, or to the general public.

WP Download Manager

This plugin has a free version and a paid version. The paid version gives you a list of features that are totally worthy of the minimal price this plugin will cost you. These features include:

  • Upload progress bar: uses native WP uploader for file upload however shows a progress bar.
  • Multi-file package: this allows you to use more than one file with one entry. On the front end, these files are downloaded in zip format.
  • Password protection: this allows you to protect a complete package or a single file in a package with the help of single or multiple passwords.
  • Access control: restrict user access to downloads
  • Bandwidth control: control the number of times a user can download a file daily or always.
  • Bulk import: allow file upload using FTP and convert those to packages.
  • Download stats: details on who is loading what and from where.
  • Custom templates: control the package linking and the appearance of the page on the front end with friendly template tags.
  • Multi-level categories: allow categorizing of packages
  • TinyMce button: allow shortcodes generation for categories and packages with different options.
  • Image Preview: upload image/images with every package and use a shortcode for showing images on the front end
  • SEO Optimized: Fully compatibility with other SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack and Yoast plugin.

The list of features for the pro version is simply unlimited and apart from the above mentioned, there are more features like sidebar widgets, Google +1 lock, Facebook Like lock, Tweet lock, email lock, CSV import, and the list goes on.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

It is an advanced plugin for your file management needs and helps you in keeping your files well-structured in categories, has a template system for making sortable, paginated file lists, and may help to sideload files from other sites. Basic features of this plugin include:

  • Make dynamic paginated as well as sortable lists of files
  • Restrict file downloading for some user roles
  • Make photo galleries
  • Embed flash videos or other videos with the help of a template player
  • Easily publish audio files including MPs with auto ID3 tag detector
  • Allow uploading from front end
  • Auto thumbnails
  • Drag & drop file upload and the list goes on

Group File Access

The plugin costs $15 and would allow you to give file downloading links to the authorized users. Here are some basic features:

  • File management interface
  • Full multi-site support
  • Upload bulk files through FTP
  • Customizable notifications for file access
  • Can limit downloads for users

You can download demo files for this plugin to see how it works before you actually make an investment.

WordPress File Center

This is again a paid plugin and costs $15. It has the following features:

  • Secure uploading of files for clients
  • File management from the administration panel
  • Provide a user login for downloading files

There are obviously other plugins available in the market but here we have listed some of the best we have come across. If you use any of the above for your WordPress website it is for sure that your file management problems would come to an end.