The Internet has become such a dire necessity of our lives that it isn’t any more restricted to a personal PC or a laptop. A number of people now prefer using the Internet on their handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. If you are able to provide a good user experience to them, you win else they would move on to your competitors may be.

The great news is that making your WordPress website mobile compatible isn’t a difficult task. With very little effort, you can set up a mobile version for your website and forget it; the mobile theme/plugin would handle everything for you.

Either you can use plugins or use a WordPress mobile-ready theme for making your website mobile compatible. Some popular plugins include:

WP Touch

This is a plug & play plugin that offers some mobile themes with an administrative interface. This interface allows you to set your options to the best possible mobile experience for your site visitors. It also allows you to switch between the desktop and mobile versions. This plugin has two editions – one is free and the other is paid with the name WP Touch Pro that has more themes and customization options to help you make a mobile site that doesn’t compromise on quality. However, both versions allow you to make WordPress mobile sites for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and numerous other OS.


  • Plug & Play with numerous customization options
  • Mobile friendly themes
  • Ajax loading along with other smooth transitional effects
  • Works well with both mobiles and tablets
  • Image repositioning and rescaling
  • Fast website loading
  • Mobile Ads support from AdSense and AdMob (Pro version)

WordPress Mobile Pack

It is a free mobile plugin that allows automatically controlled and admin-controlled themes selection for a number of different devices. There is also a good administration panel for mobiles that let your edit your site and add web content on the go.


  • Intelligent images rescaling
  • Mobile administration interface
  • Article splitting & pagination
  • Free themes with optimization for various devices
  • Mobile widgets
  • Automatic removal of unsupported media files

WordPress Mobile Edition

This plugin is also free and offers a lot of options for customization and website appearance. The plugin is dependent on a mobile switcher that determines the devices visiting your WordPress website, and shows a theme accordingly. Visitors also have the option to switch to the desktop version of the website. The most versatile feature of this plugin is its ability to generate an XML sitemap for mobile which is quite helpful for the SEO of the website.


  • XML sitemap for a mobile generator
  • Can display mobile advertisements
  • Amazing customization options
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Intelligent image scaling and articles pagination
  • Comment system with Disqus support

Responsive Themes

Using responsive themes has become the latest trend among websites and the idea is simple – make once for all the devices like tablets, desktops, mobiles, and larger displays. However, you don’t need to code for configuring your website to adapt to the various devices. However, you should use a mobile-ready theme to start with. With this, you don’t need to worry about any additional themes or mobile plugins for making your website mobile compatible.

Most of the WordPress theme developers aren’t taking any chances as they are making responsive web designs. There are chances that the themes you have bought earlier are now updated to become responsive. Numerous new themes present on are mobile compatible as well.


Tour site can do well with a responsive theme and display properly on all the devices. But, you may feel the user experience isn’t optimal on tablets or is not as good as you want it on your iPhone. The best thing is to go for testing and check the plugins on your WordPress website and check which one works best for your particular website. You can also use any plugin with a responsive theme, just to stay on the safer side.