Free website templates websites are easily available on the internet. These website templates are quite helpful as they are faster and save you a lot of time and money. If you have some understanding of Photoshop, CSS, and HTML, then using such templates is a breeze. But if you aren’t familiar with these skills, then you may learn the basics of these from online tutorials. It will simply take you a little more time to make your website than someone who has some prior knowledge.

Following is a brief guide that will help you to understand what you can do with these free templates.

How to Get Started?

The very first thing is to go through the rules these websites have for using their free website templates. Normally, they allow you to modify and redistribute their templates if you credit the original source. They will let you delete their link however you can’t repackage the templates and resell.

Good Quality Website Templates

Don’t get carried away with the word “free”. Most of the website templates have an appealing look with the help of high-quality photos or stock images. If you had to make these website templates, usually you would find such images on websites that give stock photos for which you have to pay royalties.

Quick Download

On some free website templates websites, you aren’t required to register or enter your email address. They aren’t going to make your signup and then spam your inbox. You can simply click the download button and have your template in a zipped file in a matter of minutes.

All You Require

Usually, when you unzip the theme folder you will see a .htm file, a .css file, a .psd file, and a folder having images. Here is a quick breakdown of the purpose of these files.

  • .htm

It is the main template file that comprises the HTML code. Within this file, you can insert links to other pages on your website or links going out. To help you have the same design on your site, you need to copy this file, do modifications, and rename it for every page of your website.

  • .css

As the name suggests, it controls the outlook of your website. You can change the color, size, and type of your font from this file. You can further add borders, background colors, alignment, and spacing here.

  • .psd

This file comprises the graphics that can be edited in Photoshop. For instance, you can have text written over a header image having your website name. As different people use the same template file, it is always a nice idea to give a unique look to your site by changing a bit of the element.

  • Images folder

It comprises the images of the website template you have selected. Apart from images of things etc. it also has buttons, borders, spacers, etc. Files either have .jpeg extension or .gif extension.

If you feel that editing a template isn’t something you can do, then there is always a safer option of hiring someone and getting the necessary changes done.