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Unleashing The List of Different Shippin...

Unleashing The List of Different Shipping Methods Offered by WooCommerce

Shipping is one of the key aspects of an online store. It forms an integral part of the marketing tactics of a brand and helps marketers in creating their visitor’s experience absolutely delightful. Today, there is an array of online stores built on robust platforms that help you formulate different shipping policies for your customers. […]

WP Experiments Review: Improve Your Goal...

WP Experiments Review: Improve Your Goal Conversion Rates

For any website, to be deemed successful and established, there are a few key performance indicators, which determine whether the said claim, is correct and legitimate or not. These key performance indicators are: There could be more, depending on the client and Web site developer’s discretion, and agreements. However, the most important element, of all […]

Easy Pricing Tables Review

Easy Pricing Tables Review

WordPress’s functionality is largely dependent on the number of plug-ins it has to offer. These plug-ins have an amazing capacity to enhance the entire user experience of a WordPress website. When we talk about plug-ins in WordPress, we cover a broad spectrum of functions that are on offer. However, today we will only talk about […]

2 Most Common Fatal Errors in WordPress ...

2 Most Common Fatal Errors in Wordpress and their Diagnosis

Seeing errors cropping up unexpectedly on your website is frustrating, and it’s even more exasperating if we are not equipped enough to deal with it. This is especially true when you are updating a platform like WordPress. Among so many benefits of using WordPress, there are some issues that the platform suffers from and make […]

6 Basic and Essential Elements Required ...

6 Basic and Essential Elements Required for Effective Typography

Irrespective of whether you’re designing any standard website or a magazine-style site, it’s important that your readers can access your website information easily and quickly. However, getting access to the information is only half the battle won. Put simply, just making your site content accessible is not enough, it’s also important that it is readable […]

Familiarizing With Various WordPress Var...

Familiarizing With Various WordPress Variants

If you are associated with WordPress sites in any way you will have to be aware of a vital detail about these sites. As a result of inattention towards these sites they often get hacked. But in the long run, if you pay proper attention to your WordPress sites you will realize that you can […]

WordPress.Com Vs Self-Hosted WordPress B...

Wordpress.Com Vs Self-Hosted WordPress Blog: Let's Understand The Difference

Blogging is the need of the hour; you will find millions of blogs over the internet that gives you insight on several topics that are in the world. The blogs not only give you the information about the things you look out for, but they also give you a keen insight into the details, reviews, […]

Why Self-Hosted WordPress is one of the ...

Why Self-Hosted WordPress is one of the Best Blogging Platform?

WordPress has evolved in the blogging industry as the most widely used blogging platform in the past couple of years. Still, there are many beginners in the industry who get confused between WordPress and BlogSpot. Some even argue that BlogSpot is a product owned by Google and the Search Engine giant offers a few favors […]