Top 10 Best WordPress security plugins to Stop Hackers There has been an increase in the use of WordPress in the recent past making WordPress the most popular blogging and website building platform in the world. Due to its popularity and the increase in the number of people using WordPress to create their websites, these websites are becoming a target to hackers. WordPress is built on a rock-solid secure framework but this does not mean that it is completely safe. I previously shared tips on how to secure WordPress it using .htaccess - Ultimate Guide to WordPress .htaccess.

WordPress has some vulnerabilities which hackers are exploiting. To solve this problem, WordPress usually has updates to cover some of the vulnerabilities; however, hackers still look for more vulnerabilities, it is important for you to have an additional layer of security for your WordPress website. Due to the quest for secure websites, different WordPress security plugins have been created to help WordPress website owners make their sites more secure.  Here is the list of the top 10 best WordPress security plugins you can use to secure your WordPress site today.

1) WordFence Security

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers

The Wordfence security plugin is an open-source and free plugin that assists you in securing your WordPress website. This plugin starts off by checking if your site is already infected by doing an in-depth server-side scan of the source code matching it to the Official WordPress source for main themes and plugins. The plugin has a Premium API key that offers Password Auditing, Premium Support, Scheduled Scans, and Country Blocking.

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 2) Sucuri Security

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers Sucuri Security is free auditing, malware scanning, and security hardening plugin. This plugin is mainly a monitoring tool that helps WordPress website owners analyze and monitor events within their websites such as the people logging in to the website and the kind of changes being made on the website. The Sucuri Security plugin also offers other advanced features such as remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, and post-hack security actions.

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3) Bulletproof security

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers The BulletProof Security plugin is another great WordPress security plugin that has a one-click setup wizard making it fast and easy to set up. The plugin features; BPS plugin uninstallation, .htaccess, Website Security Protection (Firewalls), Login Security & Monitoring, Idle Session Logout (ISL), Auth Cookie Expiration (ACE), DB Backup Logging, DB Table Prefix Changer, Security Logging, and HTTP Error Logging. This plugin also offers UI Theme Skin Changer with 3 theme skins, jQuery UI Dialog Form Uninstall Options: BPS Pro upgrade uninstallation or complete and DB Backup: Full|Partial DB Backups | Manual|Scheduled DB Backups | Email Zip.

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4) VaultPress

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers

The VaultPress is an automated security scanning and real-time backup subscription service by Automattic. This WordPress security plugin makes it easy for WordPress website owners to back up their site content on a daily basis or in real-time. This plugin also provides an automated security scan for threats to your website.

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5) iTthemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers iThemes Security plugin by iThemes provides you with over 30 ways to secure your WordPress website. The plugin provides the user with a list of security actions they wish to take. The plugin is designed to conceal common WordPress security vulnerabilities and loopholes so as to avoid hackers from being in the know about your site and stop programmed attacks and reinforce user identifications. It features a one-click activation for most features which is ideal for beginners, as well as advanced features for skilled users. The plugin screens your site and reports changes to the filesystem and database that might show signs of a security concern. iThemes Security also hides helps to identify bots and other attempts to search susceptibilities in your website. The plugin makes consistent backups of your WordPress database which makes it easier and quicker for you to get back in the event of an attack.

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6) Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers The Clef Two-factor authentication plugin is a security service that is designed to help WordPress users securely log in to their websites. The plugin offers free and pro versions and has a mobile app for IOS and Android. The Clef mobile app offers password-free and two-factor verification that is extremely secure and easy to use. You only need to synchronize your phone with the Clef Wave to log in. Some of the best features of this plugin are; single sign-on/off, no extra device, and no passwords.

With the Clef wave, you can use two-factor protection without the need for one-time codes. You do not need a security key or a USB drive; you can just use your smartphone. The plugin offers a one-click sign-in/off from all your sites by synchronizing with the Clef Wave or by setting a timer to sign you or log you out automatically. Another great thing about this plugin is that it substitutes passwords with extremely safe, two-factor logins with the help of the tried-and-true RSA public-key cryptosystem and disables passwords for the three WordPress verification points: Dashboard access, API access, and password reset protecting your website against the complete scale of password-based attack routes.

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 7) Shield (formerly Simple Firewall)

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers Shield (formerly Simple Firewall) is a great security system for WordPress websites that has an easy setup interface and has no restrictions on security features. If features plugin self-security protection and exclusive membership to a private security group. The plugin blocks malicious URLs and requests and also stops brute force attacks on your login and any endeavored programmed bot logins. It also blocks all programmed spambot comments, observes login activity and review admin activity with a comprehensive Audit Trail Log, and conceals your WordPress Admin and Login page.

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8) Ninja Firewall

Top 10 Best security plugins to Stop Hackers NinjaFirewall is a web application firewall that can be configured like a plugin. It offers users powerful security features that are not found in WordPress. It screens, disinfects, or rejects any HTTP/HTTPS request sent to a PHP script prior to it getting g to WordPress or any of its plugins. It includes the most prevailing filtering engine available in any WordPress plugin. One of the most significant features in NinjaFirewall is its capability to standardize and change data from inbound HTTP requests which permits it to detect Web Application Firewall elusion procedures and mystification strategies used by hackers, as well as to maintain and decrypt an enormous set of encodings.

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 9) All In One WP Security & Firewall

security plugins The All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin has a user-friendly interface. It offers security by examination for susceptibilities and by executing and administering the latest endorsed WordPress security practices and procedures. Some of the features present in this plugin include; user accounts security, user login security, user registration security, database security, file system security, htaccess and wp-config.php file backup and restore, blacklist functionality, and firewall functionality among others.

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10) Loginizer

security plugins to Stop Hackers This WordPress security plugin helps you fight against brute-force invasions by blocking login for the IP when it gets to maximum retries permitted. The plugin enables you to blacklist or whitelist IPs for login. The plugin features; blacklist IP/IP range, whitelist IP/IP range, check logs of failed attempts, delete IP ranges, Create IP ranges, and licensed under GNU GPL version 3. The plugin also prolongs lockout when maximum lockouts allowed is reached and emails notification to admin after maximum lockouts.

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WordPress susceptibility can result from weak passwords, plugin vulnerability among other such susceptibilities. It is your responsibility as a WordPress website owner to increase the security of your website. Years ago, securing your WordPress website was a tiresome task but it has been simplified by plugins. The above plugin is some of the best WordPress security plugins that can help you secure your website and keep hackers off. Being hacked is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen. To keep your mind at ease, you need to keep reviewing your website's security systems and methods so as to ensure that your website is not susceptible to hackers.