WordPress started from humble beginnings but eventually has grown into the dominant CMS on the web with a 66% share. Close to 20% of all online sites are powered by WordPress now which is amazing when you think about it.

There are many different blogging platforms one can use. Joomla is based more around a magazine-based format, and Drupal also has some devotees, but what WordPress delivers is a simpler front-end that is easier for novices to start using quicker.

Here are a few of the main reasons why WordPress is well worth considering as your blogging platform and CMS of choice.

Everyone is an Author

If you want to create a new user account that has just enough access and options for a writer but removes other options that could foul up the WP installation, then it's easy to create an editor role that fits the bill.


WP has numerous professional-level features that are not always present in lesser blogging platforms. Often such features are either not available, not available with as many options, or cost a pretty penny to add to a bland alternative CMS.

Hugely Extendable

Whilst some other blogging platforms are also extendible, due to the wide acceptance of WP globally, there is a flourishing market of both free and premium plugins and widgets which can be installed on a WP installation.

These new features add incredible facilities like e-commerce (using WooCommerce plugin), shopping carts, membership sites, landing page systems, and more. There really are some excellent complex packages that can be added to WP which run out of the box and are error-free with no programming or advanced knowledge needed.

Excellent Themes

There are both free and premium themes that are available for any category type needed. Designers for WordPress do not tend to focus on one area, so you can find completed best-in-class designs for any type of website you wish to launch or renovate with a new theme.

Pages or Posts

Although WordPress is a blogging platform, it's just as easy to create a website full of static content presented as pages instead of posts.

For instance, new reviews can be added but shown on a static home page which nevertheless updates with new reviews once they've been added and published.

Alternatively, a website can be made to look completely like a blog from all directions if that is what you prefer to do.


WordPress support is available through their forum. Because there are millions of users of WordPress, the forum stays busy with many people asking questions and others taking the time to answer them.

Beyond that, there are some excellent WordPress sites that provide tutorials on how to work better with WP.

Good Monetization

There are many plugins that support adding advertising to your blog. These can be Google Adsense ads, private ads sales, or through an ad network like BuySellAds.com.

SEO Friendly

WP was designed to be friendly to search engines. There are also some excellent SEO plugins that extend this functionality to bring all SEO-related facilities into a single area. This included being able to edit SEO metadata when creating new posts and other cool SEO features which save considerable time.