The alora theme comes with a Side Navigation Page that lets you automatically put a set of pages into a group and then have a menu for the group appear in your sidebar.

You do this by setting up Parent and Child pages.

Here's a screenshot of a menu with a Parent page and then 3 Child pages. This menu automatically appears on each page in this group.




Here is a quick look at setting up these groups of pages. If you need more step-by-step, see the instructions below.

1. Set up a Parent page and set the template to "Side Navigation." (Do NOT assign a Parent for this page. This page will act as your Parent page.)



2. Set up your Child page(s) by assigning a Parent page (the page you created in step 1), and set the template to "Side Navigation." (Set the Order if you like. Default will be alphabetical.)



Here's a more detailed look at the instructions above. 

    • Add a new page and name it something appropriate.
    • From the Page Attributes box, leave the Parent field blank (no parent at all) and change Template to Side Navigation.
    • Add any content needed into the Visual Editor and use shortcodes in the Visual Editor as needed.
    • In order to add more side navigation menu items, simply create another page, and choose the just created Parent page as the Parent, and also remember to change the Template to Side Navigation too.
    • When wanting to make a second level, choose an already created Side Navigation page as the Parent, and ensure Side Navigation is set from the Template field located at the Page Attributes Box. The Parent Template chosen must be a page that already has the Side Navigation set for both the Parent and Template.
    • Your side navigation will display by default on the right hand side of the page. To alter this, instead pick Left from the Sidebar Position drop-down field in the page options. It is also possible to make this change globally fro the alora Theme Options.
    • The actually menu order is initially alphabetical but this can also be changed by adding a new order for each page in the Order field.
    • When everything has been completed, remember to Publish every one of the pages.