Banner Ads Widget




The banner ads widget is just perfect for showing image banners of any size. The widget supports up to 10 items per widget, random display of the banners, many options which will make the banners unique with borders, shadows and much more.


Widget Options


The widget comes with the following options which you can use to set unique styles:

  • Number of columnsPremium
    • controls the number of columns of the banner ads
  • Maximum number of items to showPremium
    • sets how many items will be displayed in the widget
  • Display OrderPremium
    • sets if the items will be displayed ascending, descending or randomly
  • Banner Spacing (px)Premium
    • controls the spacing between the banner images
  • Tooltip PositionPremium
    • this option controls the position of the tooltip (popover)
  • Banner Hover EffectPremium
    • enables/disables the hover effect on the mouse over event
  • Banner ShadowPremium
    • sets if the images are shown with a shadow effect
  • Banner Border Width (px)Premium
    • controls the pixel width of the image border
  • Border ColorPremium
    • sets the image border color, if the width is defined
  • Border Radius (%)Premium
    • controls the image square/radius layout


Item Options


The widget supports up to 10 items which you can add to a single widget. To add a new item, please click on the Add item button to create a new banner. A few item options will appear, like upload image for the banner, setting image size, link URL and title, link target and a relationship of the link. Once you set all the fields, just click the Save button to finish the process.


Banner Ads Settings