The alora and evolve themes include the Theme4Press Slider.

Before beginning with the instructions, it's important to note how sliders work. You have both sliders and slides. Slides go inside of sliders.

So, for example, you might have a slider called "Fruits," and then you might have 3 slides that go inside of that slider: an apple slide, a banana slide,and an orange slide.

To create a Theme4Press Slider, complete the following steps

  • First, create a slider. Go to Theme4Press Slider > Add or Edit Sliders, and fill out the name and the settings, such as height, width, etc.
  • create-slider-t4p

  • Next, add new slides by going to Theme4Press Slider > Add or Edit Slides > Add New Slide
  • add-new-slide-t4p-slider

  • 1. In the slide editor, give your slide a name
  • 2. Choose your options and set your headline and caption in the settings section
  • 3. Assign the slide to a slider (created previously)
  • 4. Upload the image to be used in the slide
  • new-slide-editor-t4p

  • Ensure that you hit Publish to save your slides before moving on, otherwise they will be lost. Repeat the process if you wish to add more slides to that slide-show.
  • It is also possible to create as many sliders as you wish and assign individual slides to a slider. It is a useful way to organize multiple sliders.
  • In order to assign your slider to a page, see the Setting Up the Sliders documentation.