The evolve Plus theme includes the Bootstrap SliderParallax Slider, Posts Slider, and premium Theme4Press Slider. It also fully supports the Slider Revolution and the LayerSlider.

When a slider has been created, you will need to assign it to one of the posts/pages via the post/page options box. To learn how to do this, please run through the steps below.


Setting a Slider To Post/Page


Go to the post/page that you wish the newly created slider to appear on. Scroll down the post/page to locate the Post/Page Options box and click the Slider section - 1. Choose the Slider Position of the slider as you prefer or leave it the default - 2 and the Slider Type from the drop-down field - 3.

If you selected any of the premium sliders - Theme4Press Slider, Slider Revolution, or the LayerSlider, please choose the name of the slider from under the corresponding slider drop-down field, if you have not created any premium slider yet, this field will be empty and will not let you select any slider name - 4. Then to finish off, click the Update / Publish button to save all the settings.


Setting Slider