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Facebook Page Widget




The Facebook page widget lets you to display your Facebook page fan club with an easy settings. Many setting fields like layout options are available. Don't insert any code anymore and set the output of the layout as you need, right in the widgets area.


Widget Options


The widget comes with the following options which you can use to set unique styles:

  • Facebook Page URL
    • full URL link to your Facebook page, e.g.
  • Width (without an unit, min. - 180, max. - 500)
    • sets the width of the widget
  • Height (without an unit, min. - 70)
    • sets the height of the widget
  • Timeline Tab
    • enables/disables the Timeline Tab in the widget
  • Messages Tab
    • enables/disables the Messages Tab in the widget
  • Events Tab
    • enables/disables the Events Tab in the widget
  • Show Small Header
    • controls if display the small header layout
  • Show Friend's Faces
    • enables/disables the friend's faces in the widget
  • Hide Cover Photo
    • controls if display or not the cover photo in the widget
  • Flexible Width
    • sets if the widget width will adapt if a container has narrower width