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Description and Code


The Image Carousel shortcode will allow you to put a number of images into a rotating carousel. You can either have the images pop up in a lightbox when clicked, or you can link the images to other pages or other sites. Here's an example of the shortcode in code view:

[image_carousel_component picture_size="original" columns="3" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1" class="" id=""]
[image link="" link_target="_self" image="" alt=""]




Image slider container - [ image_carousel_component ]
  • picture_size
    • sets if the picture size will be original or responsive
    • Possible values - original or responsive
  • columns
    • controls how many columns/items to display in the slider
    • Possible values - 3, 4 or 5
  • animation_type
    • set the animation type of the component
    • Possible valuesnone, bounce, fade, flash, shake, slide
  • animation_direction
    • set the animation direction of the component
    • Possible valuesdown, left, right, up
  • animation_speed
    • set the animation speed of the component
    • Possible values - in seconds like 0.1, 1, 5.3 etc.
  • class
    • custom class for CSS of component
    • Possible values - string - like custom-element-class
  • id
    • custom ID for CSS of component
    • Possible values - string - like custom-element-id


Image - [ image ]
  • link
    • sets the image link - if the link is set to an image file it enables lightbox effect if turned on in the theme options
    • Possible values - string - like or etc.
  • link_target
    • sets the image link target
    • Possible values - _self or _blank
  • image
    • defines the path for the image that you want to show
    • Possible values - string - like
  • alt
    • set the image alt text
    • Possible values - string - like John Doe


Basic Examples


3 Columns



4 Columns



5 Columns



Animated Examples